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Polaroid's OneStep+ is a solid app-connected analog camera for 2018 video – CNET

[MUSIC] Think analog photography is dead? Think again. Polaroid just update it's instant film camera in 2018 introducing the One Step+. The success since the last year is One Step to. The Polaroid Originals companion app links directly with the camera by a dedicated plus button next to the lens. The app has a number of features including a remote trigger, a self-timer, double exposure, light painting which utilizes your phone's flashlight, and a noise trigger. For those who want to get even more experimental, there is also a manual mode which allows you to play with the shutter speed, aperture, flash, and eject, which allows you to manually do double or even triple exposures if you prefer. Unlike with a digital camera, you obviously can't play around with these manual settings until you get the desired effect. Without going through a whole bunch of Polaroid bill. To make this less daunting, the Polaroid app also contains a number of tutorials and magazine segments offering inspirations to help you get the most out of your camera. A scanner within the app also uses your phone's camera to help get the best quality digital copy of your analog photo uploaded. It might sound counterintuitive, but it create a gallery for you on your phone of all of your artwork, as well as making it easier to share on social media if that's your bag. One issue with a Polaroid is that usually only person gets to keep the print. This way, any number of people can at least have a digital version. Other than than the digital elements, the OneStep+ is almost identical to the OneStep 2. The only discernible difference is a rainbow stripe down the face plate, which harks back to the design of the original one-step camera from 1977. There's also a switch just on the top of the camera that allows you to toggle back and forth between two lenses. One specifically designed for portraits, which can be used from as close away as one foot. The Polaroid originals one-step plus camera will be available starting this September direct from Polaroid and from other wider retailers.

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