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Samsung Q900R QLED 8K TV announced with 8K upscaling

Believe it or not, 4K will soon become a thing of the past and Samsung wants to be one of the first to tempt you in to the future reality of 8K viewing.

The company took to IFA 2018 to announce the new Samsung Q900 QLED 8K TV, which will be available starting from September 2018, offering 8K upscaling amongst other premium features.

For those that want to be the first to own an 8K television in the home, Samsung are giving early adopters the option of owning either a 65, 75, 72 or 85-inch version of this model.

Aside from 8K upscaling, it will offer Q HDR 8K, Real 8K resolution and Quantum Processor 8K. It all sounds very technical, but Samsung state that this model can produce a 4,000 nit peak brightness which would give homeowners a genuine film studio quality to their pictures.

At this stage, it is very different to gauge what 8K really means as there isn’t any content available to compare with. If you are someone who likes to future proof devices in the home though, Samsung are giving you the chance to this September.

Samsung Q900R QLED 8K TV announced with 8K upscaling

For us, the real feature will be the 8K upscaling to take your current picture all the way up to an 8K resolution. Let us know your thoughts on 8K and if you are ready to take the plunge – just expect to pay a premium price for the luxury.

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