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Samsung's first 8K TV is an 85-inch beast video – CNET

Behold the first 8k TV to go on sale in the US, this is the Samsung Q900, and it's 85 inches huge, the massive size isn't the main thing that makes it remarkable, that would be its 8k resolution, with 7680 by 4320 pixels, more than 33 million in total, it has four times the resolution of standard 4k TVs Before you throw away your old 4K TV in disgust, however, be aware that all those pixels may not make the image any better. Because of the limits of the human vision, you really have to sit close, like five feet or closer, to see your screen to start to see an improvment over 4K There's basically no 8k TV shows and movies available today, but the Q900 could convert 1080p and 4k content to 8k resolution, using algorithms created by articial intelligence and machine learning. Sounds pretty cool, but we'll have to wait to see how it actually looks. Even beyond its resolution, the Q900 should be a picture quality powerhouse. With Samsung's brightest HDR picture at 4,000 nits, full array local dimming, and plenty of other extras. Just remember that its QLED technology is based on good old LCD, not the industry-leading OLED tech found on LG and other TVs. In addition to this 85 inch behemoth, Samsung also showed other smaller QLED TVs for Europe and the global market here at the IFA trade show in Berlin. Those sizes won't make it to the U.S. this year, however. The 85 inch Q900 goes on sale in October for a price yet to be announced. Don't expect it to be cheap. [MUSIC]

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