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The new Yoga book makes its mark with an E Ink keyboard video – CNET

The Yoga Book is back and if you don't remember it from the first time, well that's okay. It was a quirky clamshell PC from Lenovo that replaced the keyboard with a second screen. It was a cool idea but maybe a bit ahead of its time. Typing on an on-screen keyboard just doesn't work very well for most people, especially if it's on a big slick glass surface. With the second gen Yoga Book, Lenovo is replacing that bottom LCD display with an e-ink screen. It also adds a cool To open feature, because tiny laptop sometimes need two hands to open. Now, you lose the ability to use that bottom screen as a secondary or extended Windows display, but the keyboard now has a clever virtual touchpad that will pop up only when needed. In my hands-on time with the prototype of the new Yoga Book I thought the keyboard was more responsive and easier to use than on the original version. But super fast typists may still find it has trouble keeping up. Of course you can use the e-Ink display as a reader, but for. For now it only supports .PDF files, not proprietary formats like Amazon's Kindle ebook. That feels like there'll be a make-or-break feature they'll have to add if the new Yoga Book is going to succeed.

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