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Xiaomi Poco F1 launched in India, sells out in 5 minutes

To give you an idea just how popular Xiaomi’s new Poco F1 smartphone is, the device has just gone on sale in India and completely sold out in just 5 minutes of being available.

The Poco F1 was available to buy on Xiaomi’s official website and on Flipkart starting from 20,999 Rupees which works out at just under $300.

It’s one of the cheapest high-end Android handsets on the market as a result, offering premium specs such as a Snapdragon 835 processor, 6GB / 8GB of RAM, a choice between 64GB/128GB/256GB of storage and a 4000mAh battery.

We’ve heard reports of many unlucky buyers who are frustrated on having been able to add the Poco F1 to their baskets on Flipkart, only to find out that it was sold out when it came to the payment processing stage.

For those that did miss out, you’ll now get your next opportunity to buy on September 5th, but be warned that you will again face the same extreme demand as we saw with the five minute sell out this week.

Xiaomi Poco F1 launched in India, sells out in 5 minutes

Give us your experience of trying to buy the Poco F1 – did you get lucky or did you miss out like so many users?

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