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Spider-Man PS4 gameplay arrives early ahead of launch

Marvel’s Spider-Man doesn’t launch on PS4 until this Friday, September 7, but as per usual we have seen some early gameplay due to early releases and as expected – it is glorious.

Some lucky gamers have been able to get their hands on the game almost a week early and some have wasted no time in uploading some footage for those that can’t wait until Friday and want an early preview.

The footage reveals stunning visuals in a completely interactive environment, plus the ability to freely change suit at any given moment.

It appears that some suits will come with special abilities and in the footage we saw, you can see Spidey Infinity War, 2099, Homemade and All-New All-Different in action.

For those that don’t want to be spoiled ahead of release, you can just hold on until Friday but for those that want to see the gameplay – it is available on Reddit here.

Let us know your reaction to the amazing graphics and if you think this could be the best Spider-Man video game in history.

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