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Best iPhone XS and XS Max cases – CNET

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are available starting Sept. 21 and we've got plenty of cases in-house already and more on the way. So get started on picking the perfect case that will protect your investment -- and be compatible with wireless charging. (Yes, all the cases in the roundup are compatible with wireless charging).

If you're wondering whether older, possibly discounted iPhone X cases will fit the new iPhone XS, the answer is most will, but a few won't. The XS is exactly the same overall dimensions as the X, but the camera bump has some slight differences that can lead to issues with a small number of cases. So long as your X case has a tiny bit of space around the camera bump -- many, if not most, do -- it should fit an XS.

The XS Max, obviously, is an all-new 6.5-inch size, so you'll need to seek out Max-specific models for that one. Rubbery iPhone Plus cases may fit, but because the Max's camera bump is vertical instead of horizontal, they won't suffice.

Editors' note: This gallery will be regularly updated with new cases.

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