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Unforgotten season 4: Everything you need to know, including the plot, air date and cast

Unforgotten’s chilling ending saw Alex Jennings’ Tim Finch confess to a string of sexually motivated murders in exchange for a cup of tea, and our favourite cold case crime-fighter DCI Cassie Stuart agreeing to take a break from all that sleuthing.
Although the show’s future seemed uncertain, ITV has just confirmed that the hit crime drama will be returning for a fourth series. And yes, Nicola Walker will be bringing beloved detective Cassie back - hopefully a little more refreshed and less forgetful than last time.
Cassie’s loyal sidekick DI Sunny Khan will also reprised by The Kumars star Sanjeev Bhaskar.
Unforgotten season 4: The cast
As mentioned, The Split’s Nicola Walker will be back as Cassie, and Sanjeev as co-worker Sunny. Impressive former cast members have included Tom Courtenay, who won a Best Supporting Actor BAFTA for his performance in 2016, Apple Tree Yard’s Mark Bonnar, The Crown’s Alex Jennings, Ruth Sheen, The Fall’s Bronagh Waugh, and Neil Morrissey.

Unforgotten season 4
Neil Morrissey
Creator Chris Lang is back on board to write all six episodes, and director Andy Wilson will also be back after working on all three of the previous series.
“I am so delighted to have been asked to make a fourth series of Unforgotten,” Chris told ITV.  “The reaction to series 3 was better than I could ever have expected (with more people watching the last episode than any other in all three series) and I cannot wait to discover what lies ahead for Cassie and Sunny, and to create a whole new cast of characters for them to grapple with.”
Unforgotten season 4: What will it be about?
Cassie and Sunny will be back to investigate another emotionally charged and compelling cold case - but no details surrounding the historical crime has been shared yet.
In previous series we’ve seen murders motivated by revenge and sexual assault, while prevalent issues such as racism, homophobia, online trolling and historic sexual abuse have also impacted cases.
Viewers are presented with a handful of different characters – all somehow connected to the crime and under investigation - with the culprit usually being unveiled right at the end in the finale.
“They’re humans and real rather than gargoyles…” Chris has previously explained. “They’re slight machinations of the people I see around me… Friends and colleagues. I don’t think they come across as inherently bad people but they come across as deeply flawed people. In the show that’s the unifying theme. They can be quite decent in some parts of their lives but they also have this dark pocket.”

Chris is known for throwing in a few red herrings and shocking, unexpected twists, with Nicola recently telling us: “With these scripts I find it impossible to tell who the killer is because that’s how Chris writes… He leads you down one lane, and then of course he’s just toying with you.”
The actress did hint that it’s often the bigger name who is the killer in crime dramas, because the more famous actors usually want the juiciest part.
"When I watch shows [like this] and there's someone that's a phenomenal actor, and they're playing the part that really doesn't seem like the killer, I tend to call it really early on,” she added.

Alex Jennings
"Because I know they wouldn't take this job unless they had something really juicy to do in the storyline. So that is the annoying part of being an actor, and knowing other actors and knowing they'd do this."
Series two’s twist featured all four suspects being complicit in the crime, while the last series concluded with Alex Jennings’ Doctor Tim Finch revealing himself to be prolific serial killer, with viewers mostly praising his chilling performance on social media.

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Meanwhile, Cassie finally agreed to take a break from her position after stress and insomnia affected her work - fans were shocked when she left suspect Peter Carr's case file in a cafe, and he was subsequently stabbed in broad daylight.
Let’s hope she back on top form in series 4.
Unforgotten season 4: When will it be back?
It would seem as though Chris Lang hasn’t started writing it yet, and he recently told Digital Spy that making a fourth series was mainly dependent on getting the entire cast and crew together again.
Nicola is also reprising her role in a second series of BBC One’s hit legal drama The Split, while Chris has recently finished writing new ITV crime drama Dark Heart, due to air next month. So depending on their busy schedules, it’s looking likely that a fourth series will return in autumn 2019.

Unforgotten will return to ITV.

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