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PayPal bans Alex Jones' Infowars for perpetuating hate and intolerance – CNET

A screenshot of Alex Jones speaking in a YouTube video

Infowars has also been banned from YouTube.

Screenshot by Joan E. Solsman/CNET

PayPal has refused to let Infowars use its service any longer.

In an announcement on Friday, PayPal says that it has ended its business agreement with Infowars and its related websites.

PayPal says that Infowars "promoted hate and discriminatory intolerance against certain communities and religions," which violates PayPal policy.

Infowars and its host Alex Jones have been banned from a number of services and platforms, including FacebookYouTubeApple iTunes and Podcast appSpotifyLinkedInPinterest, MailChimp, Vimeo and even porn site YouPorn.

But the PayPal ban has the potential to hit Infowars where it hurts the most -- its wallet. Infowars makes a lot of money by selling things like dietary supplements, survival gear and other merch, and PayPal was one of the site's primary payment options (among major credit cards).

In an article, Infowars claimed that the ban "represents nothing less than a political ploy designed to financially sabotage an influential media outlet just weeks before the mid-term elections."

PayPal had the following to say:

"We understand, given the current divisions in our democracy, that some of our decisions will be unpopular. But our commitment to our customers and our employees is to consistently live by and uphold our values. Above all, that means working constantly to ensure that PayPal is not used by anyone as a platform for perpetuating hate and discriminatory intolerance."