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The best iPhone XS screen protectors

iPhone Xs screenJulian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

The iPhone XS is the flagship phone of the moment. Apple’s latest and greatest combines everything that made the iPhone X magnificent, and crams in the new A12 Bionic processor. The result is a phone that’s gorgeous and capable of flexing some serious silicon muscle. It’s a powerful phone, but not an invincible one — and that’s certainly the case when we’re talking about falls, drops, and bumps. You may have your iPhone XS case sorted out, but what about the 5.8-inch AMOLED display? Safeguarding that protects your window onto the world, so it’s one of the most important parts to cover.

But don’t panic, we’ve got your back. We’ve checked out the options and put together a list of the best iPhone XS screen protectors that will keep your display safe.

Peel Glass Protector ($29)

best iphone xs screen protectors peel

Peel is well known for its super-slim cases that leave little to the imagination — but did you know Peel also makes a screen protector? Peel’s screen protector is made from slim glass that’s been precisely cut to match the edges of your iPhone XS, and has been rounded to match the gentle curve of the AMOLED display. The glass feels like your iPhone’s display and has a colored border to match your phone’s body. Peel seems to have put a lot of thought into making this protector match your iPhone well. Like Peel’s cases, it’s likely you’ll forget this protector is applied. It’s also designed to perfectly align with a Peel case — so if you’re rocking a Peel case, this is a perfect match.

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Tech Armor Anti-Glare Triple Pack ($8)

best iphone xs screen protectors tech armor

The iPhone XS’s screen gets bright enough, but it can still be a struggle to read your display if light is reflecting from it. That’s where these screen protectors from Tech Armor come in. These protectors have a matte finish that reduces glare on the screen, without impacting screen clarity or touchscreen sensitivity. Tech Armor claims there’s no chance of bubbles developing during installation, and there’s an oleophobic coating to resist fingerprints. Since this is made from film, it won’t be as protective as tempered glass, and won’t absorb impacts in the way glass would — but this is still a great choice if glass isn’t an option.

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Tech Armor Amazon

Moshi AirFoil Glass ($25)

best iphone xs screen protectors moshi

Moshi has been making high-quality accessories for Apple’s products for years now, so it came as no surprise when it announced a range of screen protectors for the iPhone XS. The AirFoil Glass is created from atomically-strengthened glass, which Moshi says makes the AirFoil protector super-durable, shock-proof, and scratch-proof. It’s really thin, too, measuring only 0.3 mm thick — and it has rounded edges to match the iPhone’s screen. Installation is also a doddle thanks to Moshi’s AirFoil adhesive. After cleaning your display, just align the protector and tap the center of the glass to set the adhesive off. It’s not too expensive for a glass screen protector, making this a great choice for many.

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Tech21 Impact Shield ($30)

best iphone xs screen protectors tech21

Tech21’s Impact Shield film protector is special because it contains “BulletShield,” a material Tech21 claims is most often used in the manufacture of bulletproof glass. That doesn’t mean it can stop a bullet — and we don’t recommend you try — but it should mean that the Impact Shield is well suited to resisting scratches and other damage. The protector also comes with a precise-align applicator to ensure an easy fit onto your device, and it’s been finished with a self-healing layer, so minor scratches should heal up over time and not accumulate. It is expensive for a film protector though.

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Bodyguardz Pure 2 EyeGuard ($45)

best iphone xs screen protectors bodyguardz

Bodyguardz is an up-and-coming name in screen protection, and with a screen protector like the Pure 2 EyeGuard, it’s easy to see why. Bodyguardz uses aluminosilicate in its tempered glass, an advance that Bodyguardz claims allows its protectors to be thinner but more durable than the glass found in other screen protectors. But there’s also a twist — this protector contains technology that helps to filter out blue light from the device’s display. This blue light may stop us from sleeping at night, and may have other detrimental side effects. The Pure 2 EyeGuard is purported to cut out 43 percent of blue light, reducing screen-strain without changing the color of your screen. It’s expensive, but if it’s better for your eyes, it may be a good buy.

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ArmorSuit Full Body Protection ($23)

best iphone xs screen protectors armorsuit

If you’re not rocking a case on your iPhone XS, then screen protection is just the start. ArmorSuit provides film protection that protects both the front and the back of your iPhone XS. It’s made from a film that’s also used to protect military aircraft, helicopters, and space shuttles, and has been treated to resist yellowing as a result of UV light. ArmorSuit claims this protector is scratch-proof with a self-healing layer, and an oleophobic coating that reduces fingerprints and oils clinging to the surface. ArmorSuit says it’s easy to fit and bubble-free, and while it won’t be as protective against drops and bumps as glass, it’s a lot better than nothing.

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Whitestone Dome Protector ($49)

best iphone xs screen protectors whitestone

The Whitestone Dome screen protector provides a close fit like no other, and that’s because of its unique liquid application method. Whitestone places a layer of adhesive between the glass protector and your screen, giving a seamless connection between protector and display. That adhesive is then cured with a UV lamp, securing your protection tightly to the screen. The protector itself is rated at 9H hardness, cuts a quarter of blue light, and comes with an oleophobic coating. It can even be applied to a broken screen as the adhesive fills in cracks, helping to stop further damage. It’s expensive, but considering the high level of protection, it’s a great choice if you want the best.

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Mobile Fun Amazon

InvisibleShield HD Ultra ($30)

best iphone xs screen protectors invisibleshield

InvisibleShield provides a large range of screen protectors, but the HD Clear is a great choice for lovers of film screen protectors. It’s a full cover screen protector that curves to follow the iPhone’s edge-to-edge display, and it comes with a self-healing layer that seals up minor scratches and dings. InvisibleShield also says it has worked hard to increase the clarity of its screen protectors, to the point where the HD Clear provides a crystal-clear 100-percent clarity, and doesn’t impair touch-sensitivity. Since this is a full cover protector keep in mind that it may be pushed up by snug cases which may overlap with its area of protection. It’s also fairly expensive for film — but it’s covered by a lifetime warranty so you can get a replacement if your first one wears out.

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UAG Glass Privacy Tint ($50)

best iphone xs screen protectors uag

Keeping your personal data to yourself is extremely important, but all the cyber-protection in the world won’t protect you if someone’s just watching your screen on the train. UAG’s glass protector isn’t just a great protection option made from tempered 9H-hardness Japanese glass, it’s also equipped with privacy protecting anti-snoop measures. Look at it straight on and it’s clear, but tilt it to an angle and the screen fades to black, stopping prying eyes from seeing your data. It’s also super-thin, measuring just 0.2 mm, comes with an oleophobic coating, and is compatible with Apple’s 3D Touch. It’s super expensive, but if it stops someone from spying on your mobile banking then it might be worth it.

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UAG Amazon

Rhinoshield Impact Protection ($25)

best iphone xs screen protectors rhinoshield

Last, but certainly not least, it’s Rhinoshield’s Impact Protection protector. It’s made from film — but don’t let that put you off. Rhinoshield claims this protector is hammer-tested, and can take at least five times the impact energy of Gorilla Glass 3. That’s a hefty boast, and even more impressive given how thin it is. It’s clear and comes with an oleophobic coating to resist greasy fingerprints. Applying it is easy thanks to the forgiving adhesive that allows you to lift it back up and try again if not successful the first time. While Rhinoshield’s boasts are impressive, we would still recommend you look at glass if you’re very worried about drops — but otherwise, this is a great all-around protector.

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Rhinoshield Amazon

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