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‘Fortnite’ Season 6 gives us the dog and dragon companions we needed

Fortnite, like nearly every other video game in existence, doesn’t have enough dogs. Epic Games has recognized this, and with the introduction of Season 6 comes pet companions. Whether you want a cute puppy or something a little more fantastical, the game has you covered, and plenty of other changes have come to get us in the Halloween spirit.

Three pets can be unlocked via the Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass. There’s the dog “Bonesy,” the dragon “Scales,” and the chameleon “Camo.” They don’t actually help you in Battle Royale, but they will act differently depending on how you’re doing in a match. Of course, with a dog to choose, we imagine no one will ever use the other two pets.

The purple cube that players have spotted recently seems to have caused some major changes to the Battle Royale map, as well. Several new locations have been added, including “Floating Island” and “Haunted Castle,” perfect for getting scared as we head into October.

In the new “Corrupted Areas” located around the map, you’ll also find consumable “Shadow Stone” items that temporarily transform your character. The stones will make you unable to use weapons, but you’ll gain increased speed and jump height, you can pass through objects, and you’ll be completely invisible when standing still. It sounds perfect for winning a match with just a few players left.

To make cross-play fairer for console players, changes have been made to matchmaking, as well. If you’re using a mouse and keyboard setup on PlayStation 4, you’ll now be placed into a matchmaking pool with PC players, though PC players using a controller will stay in the standard PC pool. With keyboard and mouse coming to Xbox One, as well, we expect something similar to happen on that platform in the future.

As of this week, all Fortnite players can now play together, regardless of console. Sony ended its holdout and launched an “open beta” for cross-play, though it’s currently the only game supporting the feature on PlayStation 4. On Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, Minecraft players can enjoy the game together, for instance, but can’t play with their Sony peers.

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