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This blanket jumper is a winter must-have

You know winter is on its way when it gets dark earlier and we can't feel our hands or feet.
But this blanket/jumper could solve all your winter problems.

BUY NOW: The Comfy: Warm, Soft Sherpa Blanket Sweatshirt, £44.99, Amazon

Please welcome to the stage: The Original Comfy. It's "the softest, coziest wearable blanket/sweatshirt that encloses you completely in warm comfort. Flip the hood up, pull your legs and arms in, and find out why the Comfy is the most comfortable thing you'll ever wear".

Try and give us a reason why that doesn't sound like the dream. It's one size fits all, reversible, and claims to be the world's number one blanket/sweatshirt. It's also available in black, grey, blue and pink, and while £44.99 might feel a little expensive, think of it like the best dressing gown you'll ever own.