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Tend Secure Lynx Pro review: Tend Secure's Lynx Pro is a decent camera with disappointing facial recognition – CNET

Tend Secure's $150 (£115/AU$205) Lynx Pro is a weatherproof 1080p HD livestreaming security camera with facial recognition capabilities that I ultimately can't recommend to most people. 

The good stuff: This camera has a lot of features, including facial recognition, free seven-day event-based cloud video storage, a weatherproof exterior, built-in local storage, battery backup, motion and facial recognition alerts and Alexa and Google Assistant support. 

The not-so-good stuff: Its standout feature, facial recognition, didn't work very well. The camera struggled to correctly identify the people I added to my database and would instead label them "unknown." Other times, it didn't even pick up that there was a person walking by the camera and simply labeled it as a regular motion alert.

Take a peek at the chart below to see how the Tend Secure Lynx Pro compares with Wisenet's SmartCam N1: