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Everything you need to know about John Simm thriller Strangers

Prepare yourself for the vibrant lights and disorientating streets of Hong Kong in John Simm’s new international thriller Strangers.
The ITV eight-part drama follows Simm’s mild-mannered professor Jonah as he discovers his wife has been killed in an apparent car accident in Hong Kong. Conquering his fear of flying and arriving in new territory, Jonah soon finds out that his wife has been harbouring a secret life that he begins to unravel.
“When the story starts, Jonah is at work, and he finds out his wife has been killed, and we think it’s an accident,” Simm explained to Good Housekeeping. “She [Megan] works half the year in Hong Kong. And Jonah is a professor, he’s very busy and terrified of flying so he doesn’t go to see her. That might seem odd, but she was always double bluffing, asking him to come and see her, and in hindsight, he’s beating himself up about it.”

The series is written by new screen-writing duo Mark Denton and Johnny Stockwood, and it’s produced by The Missing’s writers Jack and Harry Williams’ production company Two Brothers Pictures.
Who is in the cast?
Life of Mars star Simms leads the cast as bereaved husband Jonah, while his deceased wife Megan is played by Ballykissangel’s Dervla Kirwan.

Everything you need to know about John Simm thriller Strangers
Silent Witness actor Emilia Fox plays mysterious British consulate Sally, with co-writer Johnny Stockwood telling us: “Sally starts out looking like one thing, and you think you have a handle on her and you may think she’s cold, but the reasons for that start being peeled back layer by layer as you realise precisely how she fits in with what Jonah’s unpacking.

“Suffice to say her character becomes increasingly complicated. So we gave Emilia a really hard job in the way we’ve written her because she has to carry all this stuff in her head she knows about in episode six and eight which she has to reflect in one but doesn’t give away.”
Simm added: “They are forced together through circumstance, and she needs his help.
“She’s there for him but she’s got a whole world of s*** going on with her husband as well Jonah’s world encroaches on her world and it’s like a labyrinth but it’s hopefully extremely exciting at the same time.”
Harry Potter star Katie Leung, and famous Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong also feature - details about their characters will be revealed in the first episode.

Everything you need to know about John Simm thriller Strangers
When does it begin?
Strangers launches on 10 September.
There is a possibility of a second series, although writer Jonny admitted he’s not sure what form it would take.
“We conceived of the idea as a self-sufficient story, so there’s no need for it go to a second season for it to be satisfying - it does have a clear ending,” Johnny disclosed. “But we constructed it as such that you easily can carry it on as such if you wanted to.”
Strangers airs on Monday, 10 September at 9pm on ITV.


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