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FIFA 19 demo launches today with UK release time confirmed

Attention all FIFA fans now, as today is finally the day when you can get your first taste of FIFA 19. EA are launching the FIFA 19 demo on September 13 and now we have the confirmed time for when you can start downloading the demo from the store.

We can see that many gamers are confused and possibly frustrated too as EA didn’t reveal the exact time on when the FIFA 19 demo arrives on the Playstation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace.

However, thanks to some intel from the PlayStation team, we can confirm to you that 3PM UK time is the official time when the demo will be available so that is the time to start looking at the store.

The FIFA 19 demo contains a preview of The Journey, as well as Ultimate Team with nine playable teams to choose from.

Let us know when you are downloading the demo from the store in your country to give other players a heads-up.

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