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FIFA 19 Web App likely release date for trading

The FIFA 19 Web App is almost ready for release, with fans eagerly awaiting the early start from EA when they can start trading early before the game launches on September 28.

For those that want to know the schedule for when the FIFA 19 Web App is out, we can give you a heads-up on this based on EA’s previous release trends each year.

Assuming that the trends are correct, EA should be launching the Web App on or around Wednesday September 19. This means players have just over one week of trading before release and would match up with what EA has done each year with older FIFA releases.

Before that, the FIFA 19 demo will be out of course so we don’t have long to wait until the fun starts.

If you are looking for trading tips for the FIFA 19 Web App, you can check out this amazing guide from Twitter user MattFUTTrading.

If we get a confirmed date for the Web App, we’ll update this article but for now expect it to launch on September 19.

What are your personal tips from experience on the Web App, to help other users get started?

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