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It's finally OK to play OK as a Scrabble word – CNET

"Facepalm" is now an OK Scrabble word. So's "OK."


Scrabble players, get yourself a copy of the new 2018 Scrabble dictionary, and challenge your favorite smartypants to a battle of the brains.

Merriam-Webster published a roundup of some of the more than 300 new words added to the gameplayer's bible on Monday. The first Scrabble dictionary came out in 1976, and since then, it's been the one resource for rule-following players of all ages. 

Note that this is the American update: the BBC reports that British players will have to wait until the British version of the dictionary is updated next year to incorporate any changes.

Here's a quick look at some of the new words to memorize.

Need a short word?
"OK" and "ew" are now A-OK to use.

Have a Q but no U?
"Qapik" is now allowed. It's a monetary unit in Azerbaijan.

Loaded up on vowels?
"Arancini" is in the dictionary, it's an Italian ball of cooked rice.

Want some too-modern words that Grandma might challenge?
Try these: "bizjet," "bestie," "twerk," "sheeple," "emoji," facepalm," and "hivemind."