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Sengled releases new lineup of smart lightbulbs

Sengled is an established name in the smart home market, but a recent announcement suggests the company aims to expand their reputation. Sengled is launching a new series of devices to improve the overall smart home experience. According to CEO Johnson Shen, “Sengled has been at the cutting-edge of smart lighting, and these new Element products demonstrate our commitment to offering our customers even more options to experience lighting in a new way. And, for those who are just curious about smart lighting but have yet to make the plunge into the smart home world, we even have a product for you too.”

The new announcements are not limited solely to smart bulbs. Sengled also includes details about the new Sengled Element Smart Plug. This device allows users to turn run-of-the-mill appliances into app-controlled devices. This makes it easy to automate otherwise “dumb” appliances. All you have to do is plug the appliance into the smart socket, and voila — you can control it via your smartphone.

Here is a full list of the new devices.

sengled releases new lineup smart home bulbs elmentpar38 product

Element Classic PAR38

Outdoor smart lighting exists, but typically only as an add-on to a home security system. The Element Classic PAR38 combines all the utility of a smart light with passive infrared (PIR) motion-sensing technology. You can program the light to turn on and off at a given time, or to activate only when it senses motion. When motion is picked up, you’ll receive an alert directly to your smartphone. The Element Classic PAR38 starts at $29.99 for a single light.

sengled releases new lineup smart home bulbs cp br30 product

Element Classic Color Plus BR30

Many of Sengled’s competitors offer colorful smart bulbs, but most of those are designed for lamps or focused lighting. The Element Classic Color Plus BR30 is designed for use in ceilings. With more than 16 million different colors and thousands of white hues, the BR30 puts out 950 lumens. This bulb will keep larger rooms well-lit even with different color options. The Element Classic Color Plus BR30 starts at $29.99 for a single bulb.

sengled releases new lineup smart home bulbs wifi 2700

Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED

This light bulb is designed as an entry-level product for those curious about smart home tech. This bulb is a simple, white-only color that connects to your Wi-Fi network and can be controlled via the Sengled Home app. The Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED starts at $19.99 for 1 bulb.

sengled releases new lineup smart home bulbs plug

Sengled Element Smart Plug

The Sengled Element Smart Plug is controlled through the Sengled Home app and plugs directly into a wall outlet. Plug another appliance into it and you can control it remotely, even if it isn’t a “smart” device. This is ideal for use with toasters, fans, and coffee makers. The Sengled Element Smart Plug starts at $19.99 for a single plug.

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