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Google Maps is now a lot more useful for electric-vehicle owners

The work of a Google Maps developer is never done, with the latest update equipping the app with location data for electric-vehicle charging stations — and plenty more besides.

While the app has included some useful data for charging stations for a while now, this looks to be a more concerted effort to boost the feature by adding more networks, together with information such as the number and types of ports available, charging speeds, and notes about the business where a station is located. You’ll also find reviews from drivers who’ve already used the station, giving you the opportunity to choose the best one in the area — so long as you have enough juice left, that is.

“Our newest feature brings helpful information about electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to the Map, so you can be confident that your car will be charged and ready for your ride, wherever you’re headed,” Google Maps’ Andrew Foster wrote in a post introducing the latest update.

To access the new Maps data, start by tapping in a few keywords such as “ev charging” or “EV charging stations.” The map will then populate with stations close to your current location, though you can search the map to find more further afield.

Many networks already have their own apps showing the locations of their charging stations, but Google Maps offers additional convenience by bringing many of the providers under the same roof — perfect if Google Maps is your go-to navigation app.

Globally, Google Maps now offers charging-station data for facilities operated by Tesla and Chargepoint, and in the U.S. you can add SemaConnect, EVgo, and Blink to the list.

For U,.K.-based drivers, charging locations also show up for Chargemaster and Pod Point, while in Australia and New Zealand you’ll find information for Chargefox stations.

Functionality that’s not currently included, though may come later, is the ability to see if a particular charging point is occupied, information that several apps from individual networks already offer.

The new feature for Google Maps is available now for Android and iPhone, with desktop support launching in the coming weeks.

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