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Here’s how to watch Apple’s October 30 Mac and iPad event

It feels like just last week that we were treated to the new iPhone XS and XR, but already it’s time for another Apple event. This time around, we expect to see a new MacBook, new Mac Mini, new iPads, and more — seriously bringing Apple’s computing product line into 2018 and beyond.

Of course, you might be wondering how and where you can watch Apple’s event for yourself. After all, even if you’re not all that interested in Apple products, Apple’s releases are likely to have a significant impact on the tech world as a whole. That, however, is why we’ve put together this guide — to help you figure out exactly where and how to watch the October 30 Apple event.

Unlike previous Apple events, the October 30 event takes place in New York, and it starts at 10 a.m. ET, which equates to 7 a.m. PT.

How to watch the Apple event on a PC or Mac

Usually, Apple limits streaming of its events to Safari on a Mac or Microsoft Edge on a PC, and we expect that to remain much the same for this event. For its September iPhone event, however, Apple detailed that your browser needs to support MSE, H.264, and AAC — basically meaning that it may be possible to stream the event on Google Chrome or Firefox. Keep in mind that if you don’t go through Safari or Edge, there’s no guarantee that your stream will work properly.

No matter which device or browser you use, you need to head to Apple’s website to stream the October 30 event.

How to watch the Apple event on an iPhone or iPad

Perhaps you’re more interested in watching the event on your iPhone or iPad — in which case you’ll need a device running iOS 10 or later. To watch the event on your iPhone or iPad, you will need to open up Safari and head to Apple’s website.

How to watch the Apple event on an Apple TV

Thankfully, you can watch the event on the big screen but the process of watching on your Apple TV is a little different than watching on your iPhone or computer.

To watch on your Apple TV, you need to head to the App Store and download the “Apple Events” app, which will be available from the App Store shortly before the event starts. From that app, you will be able to stream the event for yourself.

How to watch the Apple event on Twitter

Like the iPhone event, Apple will be streaming its event on Twitter — meaning if you have the Twitter app or access to the Twitter website, you will be able to stream it without having to use Safari. To stream the event on Twitter, all you have to do is “heart” the tweet below and Apple will send you updates about the stream when it becomes available on October 30.

Stay tuned

Whether you watch the Apple event or not, we will be covering all of the major announcements right here. Head here to check out all of our October 30 Apple event-related coverage.

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