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May the force cook with you: New slow cooker sports Star Wars figures

star wars slow cooker character

We can’t say it will make your pot roast tastier, but a new slow cooker decorated with cartoon Star Wars figures might make cooking it more fun for fans of George Lucas’ popular franchise.

Luke, Leia, Han Solo, Darth Vader and the rest of the gang — including robots and storm troopers — line up in two rows around the entire exterior of the $50 oval Star Wars Cooker from Uncanny Brands.

The company assures us that it holds an official Disney license for use of the characters (who look more like targets in a vintage video game than actual people or robots).

The actual cooking takes place in a 7-quart dishwasher-safe stoneware insert. You can choose from three heat settings (low, warm, and high)  on a dial located between R2D2 and C3PO.

The Star Wars Cooker measures 14.2 by 9.2 by 14.5 inches and weighs a hefty 13.5 pounds. It has cool-touch handles and is UL listed and ETL certified for adherence to North American electric safety standards.

Want more Star Wars stuff in your kitchen? Uncanny Brands is happy to oblige. For example, there are $40 Star Wars Storm Trooper and Millennium Falcon waffle makers (the appliances aren’t shaped like storm troopers or the Millennium Falcon; rather, they  make storm trooper- and Millennium Falcon-shaped waffles).

The Storm Trooper Toaster, on the other hand, does indeed look a bit like a fragment of a storm trooper. The product description says it weighs in at “4.1 lbs. of mystery and menace.” As an added bonus, your toast comes out with an Empire symbol burnt in.

This two-slice toaster goes for $40, as do similar toasters tricked out to look like Darth Vader and the Death Star, which imprint different Star Wars logos. star wars slow cooker storm trooper toaster

An R2D2 toaster, covered mostly in turquoise plastic and sporting diagrams of the beloved robot’s features, goes for a bargain $35. It burns a robot figure into your toast.

star wars slow cooker r2d2 toaster withtoast

Also for sale: A $40 panini press that imprints silhouettes of Darth Vader and a storm trooper on both sides of a pressed sandwich. It cooks two sandwiches at a time, and can also be used to “make square waffles or brownies and can even cook eggs,” according to the product description.

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