Blumtal Hot Water Bottle with Cover; Premium Faux Fur Cover; Large 2L Capacity; Brown/White/Grey – Offer

Blumtal Hot Water Bottle with Cover; Premium Faux Fur Cover; Large 2L Capacity; Brown/White/Grey The hot water bottle
The hot water bottle by Blumtal is ideal for snuggling up on cold winter days and occasional discomfort. The hot water bottle cover is not just fluffy soft, but also ensures a perfect heat level and protects you from excessive heat.

  • 2l capacity
  • Dimensions: 33 x 21 x 4,5 cm
  • Includes velvety soft hot water bottle cover
  • In grey, white and brown
  • Free from harmful substances
  • CE compliant

About us
Blumtal would like to enrich your everyday life with wonderful products. For us, a wonderful product is highly functional, looks great and has an affordable price. At the same time, we always keep the environment in mind – transparency, social responsibility and sustainability are fundamental principles of our business.
All products are exclusively produced for us and distributed by us online. This eliminates unnecessary costs and ensures that our range always complies with the highest quality standards.

Outstanding Design
Design is not just about appearance. Design is a combination of aesthetics, functionality and material selection. Our design combines innovation with outstanding quality. The result: a range of functional, durable, high-quality products at the best prices. Our designs are inspired by international trends.

Social Responsibility
We love what we do and would like everyone who works with us to feel the same way. We want to take responsibility and play an active role in shaping society. We take care of our employees and require this of all of our partners as well. This means providing staff with diverse tasks, flexible working hours and adequate worker safety. We donate a portion of our profits to charitable organisations.

Coupon Matrix - Blumtal Hot Water Bottle with Cover; Premium Faux Fur Cover; Large 2L Capacity; Brown/White/Grey
  • ❄︎ CUTE, SOFT COVER FOR COSY EVENINGS: Blumtal hot water bottles are ideal for cosy evenings in pairs or alone with a glass of wine on the couch. Especially on cold winter days, the hot water bottle ensures well-being and comfort
  • ❄︎ PERFECT HEAT LEVEL FOR WELL-BEING: When you are cold and in discomfort, your skin is especially sensitive. Thanks to the soft covers on the hotwaterbottles, you are well protected from excessive heat. The cover spreads the heat and emits it evenly
  • ❄︎ FREE FROM HARMFUL SUBSTANCES: The velvety soft polyester cover is tested for contaminants and is therefore completely harmless in contact with your skin. In addition, the hot water bottel is CE compliant and can be washed with laundry at 30°C
  • ❄︎ LARGE CAPACITY: The hot water bottle has a capacity of 2 litres at 33 x 21 x 4.5 cm. This means that the hot water bottle can give off heat for a very long time, unlike small, mini hot water bottles
  • ❄︎ 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: We want you to always be entirely satisfied. If you are not satisfied, we will give you a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.

Blumtal Hot Water Bottle with Cover; Premium Faux Fur Cover; Large 2L Capacity; Brown/White/Grey

Coupon Matrix

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The water column with LED color changer and bubbles creates a special atmosphere.

It is comfortably with a cord switch on or off.

The water column has been made of plastic and is therefore very robust.

Included are eight decorative fish as well as a small U-boat.

This decorative elements are located in the base pump with air bubbles in motion, these can be regulated in strength.

Please use for the filling only distilled water.

For lighting the water column provide here 12 Small Stationary RGB LEDs a 0. 06 Watt. The height of the water column is approx. 120 cm, the diameter of about 10 cm.

The base is calculated approx. 22 x 22 cm.

This text is machine translated.

- More Info - EAN: 4043689907006

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Let's go to the land of dreams with the 3-in-1 Dream Teddy Mobile from mattel. The three dream teddy want your child a quick and restful sleep.

Each Pluschbar is in a funny strampelanzug and has colorful wing on the back. With a small clip, the mobile, when it is no longer on the cot is used to almost all popular baby carriage mounted. The removable projector can be used in conjunction with the mobile, but can also be used alone, for example, on a table.

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Edinburgh Walking Tour - Ghostly Underground

A daytime tour of Edinburgh’s most haunted vaults – and we’re the only people with access. This tour is perfect for a peek into the city’s ghostly past, because things don’t only go bump in the night.  The true history of the Blair Street Underground Vaults is terrifying enough – so abandon thoughts of manufactured frights and make-believe.

The skill is in the storytelling: the vaults witnessed the deeds of mischief-makers and murderers, vagrants and torturers.

It’s one of Edinburgh’s most haunted sites, where restless spirits still tread. Want see Edinburgh’s haunted vaults? Explore them exclusively with Mercat Tours. First you’ll follow your cloaked Mercat guide through the shadowy closes of Edinburgh’s Old Town. These are dark streets untouched by daylight, filled with a strange silence, their damp walls carrying only the faintest echo of the crowds on the high street you’ve left behind. With the scene set, you’ll descend into the depths of the city – and listen in horror to its dark and sinister side.

Torture. Murder.

Hangings. From body snatchers to the real-life Jekyll and Hyde, you’ll be gripped by the true tales that lie hidden beneath Edinburgh’s streets. Watch out for a cold breath on the back of the neck, a whisper, a flicker – then silence.

It’s all the more chilling for being absolutely real: there are no tricks or jump scares on our ghost tours.

Why not combine your visit to the Edinburgh Walking Tour with other famous attractions and activities in Edinburgh such as Royal Yacht Britannia or Edinburgh City Sightseeing Tour?

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Welcome to Dublin’s Tour of Terror!

The Lady in White, graveyard torturers and grizzly ends on church grounds...

Allow us to put you at your unease on The Dublin Ghostbus Tour. A Gothic interior, blood red velvet curtains and a driver and guide in tune with the afterlife. This is no scary movie, folks – this is for real. It’s a little known fact that Dublin was home to one of horror fiction’s most famous names: Dracula author, Bram Stoker. Learn about his origins as the tour creeps through Dublin’s darkened streets.

At the College of Surgeons, a certain Dr Clossey is still said to roam the corridors carrying a bucket of human entrails.

More grizzly dealings were dealt at the 12th-century St Audeon's Church, where the ghost of Darkey Kelly is said to wander restlessly.

The Lady in White still stalks her cruel husband at St Patrick’s Cathedral graveyard. And steady yourself for a meeting with The Walking Gallows, the notorious judge, jury and hangman who dispatched his victims in gruesome style. Scared yet? Don’t worry, you will be.

Tour Treats Unearth Dr.

Clossey’s gruesome past Discover Dracula’s Dublin origins Theatrical experience with professional actors Unravel the mysteries of Dublin’s haunted cathedrals Visit the vaults at Dublin Castle* Visit St Kevin’s Graveyard FREE Walking tour *Please note alternative venues may be used when Dublin Castle is unavailable

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