Toy Gift for 6-12 Month Baby Boys, Camera Toy for 1-5 Year Old Girl Kid Education Toy for 12-24 Month Toddler Gift for 2-4 Year Old Boy Children Birthday Present Age 2 3 4 – Limited Offer

CM© toy Gift for 6-12 Month Baby Boys, Camera CM© toy for 1-5 Year Old Girl Kid Education CM© toy for 12-24 Month Toddler Gift for 2-4 Year Old Boy Children Birthday Present Age 2 3 4 Camera CM© toy Best Gift for Baby Boy Girl Kid
Looking for an early educational baby CM© toy for 6month 8month 12month 18month toddler baby boy and girl? YITA learning baby camera is the best baby CM© toy gift!
The design of this great early educational CM© toy can promote your baby’s sensory development, musical awareness, animal discrimination and color distinction.
All the toddler CM© toys are designed without sharp edges, safe and easy to clean. Top rated educational CM© toy for 1 year old.

What included:
1* Camera
4* Play piece

♦The educational camera CM© toy is not suitable for children under 6 months.
♦The batteries must be inserted under the direct supervision of adults.
♦Use projections must be accompanied by adult companionship and supervision.
♦The screws must be pinched after the battery is installed.

Product Info:
Age: 18 months+ years
Battery Type: 3x 1.5v AA batteries(NOT INCLUDED)
Product weight: about 0.25(KG)
Product Size: 5.1 x 3.9 x 2 (inch)
Material: ABS

Coupon Matrix - CM© toy Gift for 6-12 Month Baby Boys, Camera CM© toy for 1-5 Year Old Girl Kid Education CM© toy for 12-24 Month Toddler Gift for 2-4 Year Old Boy Children Birthday Present Age 2 3 4
  • High quality: We use imported ABS materials to be environmentally friendly, non-toxic and wear-resistant, 100% safe. The raw materials are once manufactured into a model, high-quality HIFI sound control system, and the music is clear. The film uses Kodak film, the pattern is clear and cute, and is very popular among children.
  • Projection function: This camera CM© toy has 4 pieces of music, divided into four categories, namely, vehicles, land animals, marine animals and birds. Each piece has 8 different patterns, each of which is a cute animal or vehicle that fosters the child’s cognition and exploration of the world.
  • Music function: There are 3 music keys, music keys, 6 different music pieces; Disco keys, there are three different dance music; Laughter keys, there are three different cute and funny sounds. In addition, each time you press a button, the LED will flash. Conducive to the baby’s early understanding of music and the difference in color. Learn while playing. Suitable for 1-5 year old boy and girl CM© toys
  • The best CM© toy gift: This camera CM© toy has smooth lines, no water chests, no burrs, cute appearance, rich colors, and various stars, sun, moon, and note totem. There are also beautiful packaging. This is a perfect CM© toy gift to accompany your baby. The best CM© toy gift for baby, baby, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 18 months, 24 months.
  • The best after-sales service: 100% baby safety CM© toys and 100% return refund promise, 6 months no reason to return the refund, if you are not satisfied, contact us, we will help you solve any problems for the first time. Your satisfaction is the value and meaning of our existence. Here we would like to personally thank everyone who bought our products, thank you.

CM© toy Gift for 6-12 Month Baby Boys, Camera CM© toy for 1-5 Year Old Girl Kid Education CM© toy for 12-24 Month Toddler Gift for 2-4 Year Old Boy Children Birthday Present Age 2 3 4

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