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Add some smarts to your home with this Meross 3-way switch on sale for $18 – Android Central

The Meross MSS550 smart Wi-Fi 3-way in-wall switch[1] is down to $18.09 on Amazon thanks to a $4 off on-page coupon and the code BWJFQUXD. Without the stacked discounts, the switch sells for $34 and only drops to around $30 on its own. We have never seen it this low.

Connect this switch and whatever it's controlling to your smart home without the need for an additional hub. Right now it's only compatible with Amazon Alexa devices[2], although support for Google and Samsung systems is coming. You can use the Meross App on your iOS or Android device to control it, too. You'll also be able to use the app to create schedules. The benefit to this switch is if you use 3-way control somewhere in your home, you only need to replace one of the switches with this one to make the whole configuration smart.

See on Amazon[3]

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