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Angry Birds AR for iOS could be next Pokemon Go

This is Angry Birds AR Isle of Pigs and right now it’s an exclusive for iPhone and other iOS devices, although Rovio is exploring other AR platforms, so the possibility of seeing an Android release is still there for a future date.

The leap onto augmented reality and VR has already happened for Angry Birds, although the latest game is Isle of Pigs and it promises a step up in fun and gameplay, some hoping for the next Pokemon Go, which can be played anywhere with a flat surface. Getting you more involved than ever before, use your phone as a slingshot to knock down the birds thanks to an app created with Apple’s ARKit. It’s available to pre-order on iPhone and iPad today.

Angry Birds AR for iOS, Android At A Later Date

With Angry Birds AR, you’ll need to make sure you have a good amount of space in the real world, so you can walk around the different stages to workout the best angle to attack. Once you have the perfect angle, just pull back on the screen of your favourite iOS device. The gameplay looks great and virtual levels are crisp and detailed, we look forward to play when it’s a free title later this spring, although available to pre-order now.

Learn more about this game and any future news about an Android release date via the official website.

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