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Checking the tech in the 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLE450 video – Roadshow

[MUSIC] Welcome to a deep dive into the new Mercedes Benz user experience infotainment system in the 2020 Mercedes Benz GLE 450. Now MB UX has been a long time incoming, so let's get right to it. It is housed on a 12.3" screen here in the center stack that could be controlled either by touch or by this little swiping pad down here in the center console. You can also control it on the right hand side of the steering wheel using these little thumb pads. You know it's a really light touch here. It's more of a flick than it is a swipe. So you've got to be really careful otherwise you might overstep your bounds. When you're going through these icons here, things are really clear and crisp. And then you can flick down. And you can have a bunch of different themes that kind of set your parameters for your driving modes as well as your gauge cluster. And you can swipe down again to access any of your favorites. But going back up here, we can start with the phone system. Now this is actually really straight forward, right? You've got your recent calls, your Add Favorites. If you wanna access any messages, you swipe up to select that top row Scroll over to messages and then tap. The navigation system is actually really cool, it's got an augmented reality system. Thanks to the forward-facing dual cameras, so it can tell you exactly where to turn via this overlay here on the screen. And it can even give you the addresses on both sides of the street, so there's no more like wait, is it that building? Is it that building? Is it that building? I mean the car just shows you which one it is. Now if you go here to radio things can get a little bit complicated. So, for example, if you wanna to set a preset you need to swipe down, select your station and then put in the station that you want. So let's say 36. There we go, Alt Nation, I can click on that. Then I can tap and hold to hold the preset. I want to replace that radio station. I just want to press and hold. I just want to have easy access to all my radio stations. And then you can't even scroll through those presets. You can scroll through numerically, 37, 38, 39. But the only way to actually scroll through your presets is on this screen here. You can't do it from anywhere else in the system. So you always need to go back to this screen for easy access to your presets. It's just not good design. Well things get a little bit more simple when i go over here to media, all i need to do click up and i can access my media either through bluetooth or USB, but be warned, The GLE only features USB C ports. Those are the little tiny ones. So if you don't have that be sure to get an adapter. Now my favorite feature on the MBUX is the comfort feature. Why? Because we got massaging seats and not just one kind of massage. Multiple kinds of massage. It's the best thing ever. Then you can swipe over here to Seat Comfort and they have something called Seat Kinetics, and that kind of moves the seat just a tiny little bit so that you're never sitting in the same position. For a really long time, I absolutely love it. And plus you can set all the ambient lighting to whatever you want. You want purple? Sure. You want yellow? That's cool too, it's all here. The next on the list is information. I mean, you guys know how to use that. It's where you can access fuel economy, things of that nature. But I do wanna go into the Mercedes and me apps. Here's what you can search for point of interest, for example. If you're hungry, find a restaurant. Coffee, get a cup of joe. But the cool thing is, there's even a web browser. Look at that, there's Roadshow in my car, pretty cool? And when I move onto the Settings page, here's where I can customize all of my Driver's aid so adaptive cruise control heads up display tha's all right here. And what's really is that wherever i am in the system if I wanna get back to this all I need to do is just press this little shortcut button right here. So that is really simple. And there's actually a lot of driver's aid in this car and we're gonna talk about it on the full review. So be sure to check that out. And of course this can all be controlled by voice as well which is why I've not really said the word Mercedes. [BLANK_AUDIO] Hey Mercedes. How can I help you? There she is. Turn on massaging seats. [BLANK_AUDIO] I'm switching on the [UNKNOWN]. So very nice. Now she can't do everything. For example, she can't turn on Apple Car Play. That you're going to have to do yourself. And just when you thought it was all over, no, no, no, no. There is so much more. Even the twelve point three engine gauge cluster screen is customizable. So you can choose different themes and then, customize within that by using this little thumb swipey guy on the left hand side of the steering wheel. I mean I appreciate that MBUX has got really, really crisp graphics and the response times are really quick. But honestly it's just as complicated as the old command system. I mean if you are a technophobe you're gonna have to have that manual quite handy. [MUSIC]

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