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Fortnite to get a undo option for accidental purchases

Epic will be bringing a much requested feature from the community to Fortnite soon, with the confirmation that the game will now give players an option to undo any purchases made by accident.

At the moment there isn’t such an option and this was put under extra scrutiny by the fact that the Japanese version of Fortnite does actually have a confirmation screen before purchase as you can see in the screenshot below, shared recently to Reddit.

The Japanese version of Fortnite lets you confirm a purchase

A developer for the game then entered the discussion over at Reddit, ensuring that it wasn’t a ploy designed to mislead gamers but was actually due to the PlayStation controller layout over in Japan.

The conclusion is that a similar feature will be coming to the Western version the game in the form of an Undo button, giving players a five minute window after making a purchase to reverse that decision if they choose to. Look forward to seeing it implemented in the coming weeks.

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