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Google Inbox App Going Away Next Month, Alternative Sought

The Google Inbox app was the perfect solution for many, especially those who love Gmail, although now it’s going away the same time as Google Plus, some fans need to find an alternative.

Google Inbox is shutting down on 2nd April, 2019, the same day we say goodbye Plus. The news broke directly to users seeing a message stating, “Google Inbox Is Going Away In 14 Days”, as of today. Users are then told they will find their favourite Inbox features in the Gmail app, also that their messages are waiting there for them.

Google Inbox Is Going Away

Not all of Inbox features will be found in Gmail for mobile, although you will find Follow-ups, Smart Reply and Smart Compose features. It’s expected to receive more updates that could bring some of Inbox’s other features in time.

In regard to Google Inbox app alternatives, most will stick with Gmail, although you could also try Outlook.com, the Spark Email App, and Airmail is another option for Apple Mac and iOS users. Other than that, there isn’t that many as an alternative, so most will stick with Gmail. Feel free to share details on anything you’ve tried, which could be of interest.

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