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Hash Brown Fries cause a frenzy from Iceland

The Hash Brown fries being sold at Iceland are nothing new, in fact, they’ve been around for many months, but this hasn’t stopped shoppers getting in a frenzy on social media over the last 24 hours.

Fans of hash browns have taken to Facebook in their thousands to voice their opinion on the fries being sold for £1.85 at frozen food retailer Iceland. We spotted over 22,000 comments on one posting from popular page Money Saver Online, which will surely cause a surge of shoppers heading to the store.

Hash Brown Fries Go Viral

In fact, it was this one social posting yesterday that caused many other publications and social media to pickup on the trend, causing this one food item to go viral with millions reached and discussing them in just a 24 hour period. Here’s to hash brown fries, we know where we’re heading this weekend.

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