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MyFitnessPal Improves Diet Maintenance and Calories Calculator

Whether you want to keep track of your maintenance calories, BMR or the amount of calories you expend throughout the day while focusing on daily activities, the MyFitnessPal app on iOS and Android devices is a great help.

MyFitnessPal helps improve your diet maintenance and has lots of features including a calories calculator, which are all improved in the latest update version 19.3.0 on iPad and iPhone devices. The latest release notes point to plenty of bug fixes to problems you might have experienced before, performance upgrades, and more reliability to maintain your health journey.

MyFitnessPal Update Improves Diet Maintenance

You can keep track of what you’re eating, your calorie intake, log your lowest weight, runs, and learn about the nutrition facts via barcodes.

The app should be more stable after installing the latest update, although there’s always room for improvement with the next MyFitnessPal update in version 19.3.1, 19.4, or whatever the next version will be. Let us know if you still have problems, your wishlist for the next update, or how performance is after this update. See the version history on App Store and Google Play.

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