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Netflix Testing Mobile-Only Plan In India

While it’s not in the UK or USA just yet, Netflix has been testing a new mobile-only plan for subscribers in India and maybe other countries. We’ve seen this option with the likes of BT Sport in the UK and other services around the world, which brings a much cheaper option, so it’s good to see Netflix possibly rolling out the same.

It’s true this could just be a test, although the idea of paying under $4 a month will make lots of existing subscribers interested in seeing this release across the UK and US.

Netflix Testing Mobile-Only Plan

Now TV offers a day pass for sports and short subscriptions to other services, this is something Netflix might also offer with passes for less than a month on top of the cheaper monthly mobile only plan. Imagine having a weekly or day pass to Netflix, this might suit some rather than renting a movie.

If we see the new plans start testing in other countries we’ll post an update.

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