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Nintendo Labo VR hands-on: This virtual reality gets weird video – CNET

It's virtual, reality, or virtual, hi reality. I'm approach the egg, it hatched. It's not every you explore virtual reality with a bird on your face, but wht else do you expect when Nintendo dives into VR gaming. Nintendo is giving us a sneak peak at what it is to play theor latest Labo kit Labo VR. Right, this is their fourth LABO kit, and I'm excited to check it out. And it looks very interesting, hmm. [MUSIC] We got a chance to quickly sample the next batch of do-it-yourself cardboard contraption accessories for the Nintendo Switch. It's coming out April 12th. This time around, the Labo cardboard constructions are all centered around virtual reality mini games. Welcome to the world of birds, here's [UNKNOWN] flapping, flap, flap, flap. [LAUGH] I'm flying [UNKNOWN] [LAUGH] Is that like raising your altitude? Yes, it is. [LAUGH] Nice Tilt your head to turn to the left or right. Okay good, I can glide a little bit without doing this the whole time. Can you do a nose dive? Dive, okay yeah I might, I might. I don't want this. You might hit the ground. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] We'll see what happens. You crash! I got a little weirded out there. [LAUGH]. Slide the switch into these cardboard goggles and pop it into other accessories so you can take a quick dip into a VOR game or activity. All these games are presented in a chunky, cartoony, 3D world. We don't have much game play to show you, but it is pretty simple stuff. For example there is a bird game that has you flying around to collect food to feed baby chicks that get overly dramatic about been hungry. You got to like finess it. there is blaster gun to shoot aliens taking over a city Can I get back and pull the trigger to stop the goofy creatures? Okay, you feel the nice click in it. I'm gonna blast these aliens. [MUSIC] This is like an oblique workout right here. [LAUGH] With all these tools, there's nothing to strap on your head. Head, everything is designed for short burst of play. After a few minutes, games will pause to encourage you to stop and take a break, and you will want to take a break. I was the mermaid. Yeah. The various games also make it easy to just pass it a friend to take over. All right, Bridgette make me something pretty. Okay The elephant is a an art studio. It uses IR sensors on the switch joy con controllers and markers on the mask to detect your pain brush position in the virtual world. I'm getting it. I'm getting it. Make a masterpiece or pass it to a friend for a game of guess the doodle. There's no adjusting the focus or messing with settings which is good for kids who just want to jump in. It's recommended for ages seven and up. I also like how it changes from 3D to 2D automatically when you Slide it in and out of the headset. Obviously it's not the most. Amazing graphics because it's all cartoony. Doesn't need to be.>> Yeah, but it is kind of an interesting middle ground between using like a Google Cardboard setup with your phone. And in between that and something like the PS VR, which is $200. You're not getting epic compelling games here in these cardboard bundles, but Nintendo does get creative with the idea of virtual reality. Take for instance, this foot pedal. There's a giant wind fan attached And in the game you ride a giant jumping frog and you feel gusts of wind hit your face with every jump. The creativity extends beyond the cardboard. Players can learn to program their own VR games or customize the look of some existing games. There is a VR with plaza with 64 stand alone mini activities like a pin ball game and you only need the goggles to play if you spend $80 you will get a kit with material to build all six projects or you could start with just the Google and the blaster for 40 dollars the blaster is the most fun of the bunch it may take about 4 or 5 hours to build. It's coming at me [BLANK_AUDIO] Wait, now there are flying ones? My, okay, okay, this is intense. Since all of this is desgined to just be quick play, I'm sure parents are gonna find a collection of cardboard stuff taking up space around the house. That has always been lab or trade of. If it's digital and physical play time with creative thinking but the play time may be short lived. That said for a kid that's super creative, this is a step into a new dimension of thinking for a low price and something beyond what other VR systems may offer. [MUSIC]

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