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Stadia Game Platform announced by Google at GDC 2019

Google has just sent shockwaves throughout the gaming industry by officially announcing their Project Stream platform at GDC 2019 which we now know will be called Stadia.

Stadia is going to be offering gaming ‘for everyone’, without the need for downloads, a high-end PC and accessible on multiple devices such as tablets, phones, TVs and laptops.

Watch a game trailer on YouTube, then click a Play Now button to launch game within five seconds

Even more impressive is how the service will work, with Google promising that users will simply be able to launch a supported game direct from a YouTube game trailer which will have a Stadia ‘Play Now’ button attached, to which the game will then start playing within five seconds.

There will be Stadia controllers coming along with the service, or if you prefer Google states that you can use the controller you already have. 4K will be supported, along with HDR and 60FPS so it is looking extremely exciting from an initial unveil.

Let us know if you think this could be the new way forward in terms of gaming, with everyone being able to play together without any barriers.