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UConnect gives the 2020 Jeep Gladiator a leg up video – Roadshow

[MUSIC] Welcome to a deep dive into the technology of the 2020 Jeep Gladiator. That's right, the Jeep truck is finally here. And we've got an 8.4 inch touchscreen which is running each rid in through and the most excellent UConnect system. Now it might look like a hot mess when you first lay eyes on it but trust me it's actually very very intuitively laid out. Now we're going to start here on the media page. I've got all my presets up on top here and it's super easy to set them. All I have to do is press and hold And then boom, it's right there. There's no extraneous menus or buttons that you have to click. Along the left hand side I've got all of my sources and I can dig even deeper if I want to access my phones through Bluetooth, an auxiliary cable or through any of the USB ports that I've gotten here, so make sure your rear seat passengers have got good music taste too because you can listen to their music as well. And if for whatever reason you don't care about the name of the station or the artist, you can click on this Map button here and then you've got your map right there front and center. So it's like having two screens in one. And moving on to [INAUDIBLE] Climate, I've got a whole set of climate controls here that are actual physical dials and buttons. But I can do it all from the screen as well. And then, once again, I can dig deeper and have my heated seat and heated steering wheel controls. And then for some reason in the middle here where I have the access to things like my backup camera. Like why is that in the climate control page? I don't understand, it doesn't make any sense. Regardless, I can also go in here to this button and look, I'm going back to the same page. Well that's because this down here It's all customizable so I don't necessarily need that button right there so I'm going to go to apps. Here's where I've got everything this can do. So I'm going to get rid of that control button, I'm going to press and hold on the travel link, move that down there And now I've got a shortcut to that down there. And when you look at this travel link, I actually really like it. Here I've got options for my local fuel prices. Go back, my weather. God, please don't let it be raining. Please, no more rain. Let's see. Weather map. Okay good, we're all clear. There's no clouds in sight. That's awesome. So you got a lot of practical information right here on one screen. Now moving on to navigation. Right away I have one box and tray that works either points of interest or addresses. So I'm gonna put in my ice cream. Awesome we're going to I love donuts and ice cream right after this shoot. But if you're not exactly sure what you want to eat, you can go into the points of interest and then you've got everything listed out for you just, you know, in case you're not really sure what you're feeling like. One thing I really like about this navigation system is I can go in here to information Where am I? And then Show GPS Info, and it gives me my latitude and longitude, plus my altitude, which is really helpful if you're out there on the trails. There's a few features in this navigation system that are kind of off-road specific. So I can go down here to Geo-Coordinates, enter a latitude and a longitude, and get directions that way. Or let's say I find a super-fun trail. I can record that trail, and that way it's Easier to find it the next day. Now on the settings page where you're really gonna wanna dial in here is in the safety and driving assistance. Here's where you can customize how you want these types of things to work. So your forward collision warning, You can have off, only warning, or active braking and a warning as well. Your forward collision sensitivity you can customize that. The volume for the park sense, and what I really like is that I can customize my blind spot alert to have lights and chime or just the lights because that chime, Is very, very chimey. You definitely hear it. So I like to have just the lights there. In terms of keeping everything charged I've got a USB A and C port right here in the front along with a 12 volt. And I've got two USB As and Cs in the rear as well as 115 three prong outlet. So nothing should go dead inside the Jeep Gladiator. Now of course car play and android are both standard. Yes I have eighty four messages, please do not judge me. And I've also got a wi-fi hotspot centred, which is really great because sometimes the car has been in a reception than you knew so if you are out in the middle of nowhere, it's great to have that secondary backup Internet option. Now, we've seen the Uconnect system on all of these vehicles and I really like it, it's well laid out, it's easy to use and it offers a lot of functionality. If you'd like to learn more about the 2020 Jeep Gladiator, we have got a whole video, and review, and photos over libershow.com so be sure to check it out. [MUSIC]

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