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5 things you need to know about the 2019 Land Rover Range Rover P400e video – Roadshow

It makes sense, considering Land Rover's design for enjoying outdoors that eventually they'd get more eco-friendly in an effort to help protect it. Meet the brand new green flagship. Between the 19 Land Rover Range Rover P400E, it's a plug-in hybrid and here are 5 things you need to know. Ok lets start with the plugging-in part, connecting this bad boy to a 110 volt home outlet gives you a full charge in just over 14 and a half hours, connecting to a public fast charging station gives you done in just under three. Now for the effort, a fully charged battery gives you around 31 miles of fully electric range according to Land Rover's estimates. In the real world however I've gotten significantly less power train downsize is to a two liter turbo charged four cylinder engine but Nate's it with a powerful electric motor. Now together they make 398 horsepower and a whopping 472 pounds of torque. That's 100 pound feet more than the range rover V6. And it's gonna put that power through the same a 4 by 4 system by a very similar 8 speed automatic transmission. [MUSIC] Offer capability is also very similar thanks to the same air suspension system. Now in it's off-road mode, it can raise itself by three inches for better gournd clearance of when in partly lower by two inches for better access to the cabin. I also liked that you can view all of the vehicle dimensions including your approach departure, break-over angles, all of that in the on-screen menu on what I like to call the any hole display. [MUSIC] Now speaking of dashboard displays, all Range Rovers of this generation are gonna feature the Land Rover Touch Pro Duo. It's a two ten inch touch screen infotainment system that spans the entire center console and it's going to be mated with a fully digital instrument cluster. That's not the most reliable system, with the Landrover you'll have that with the electrics. But it is very well organized and customizable when it works. I also like very nice touches like these floating climate controls. They look good. Of course the last thing you'll need to know is the price. Now the plug in hybrid is only available at the mid tier HSE trim level which means it starts at 95,950 bucks. Not this one, it cost $109,000 but we got a bunch of options on it. However, that starting price is only about $1000 more than The non-hybrid HSE V6. Though, at least it doesn't have a huge hybrid premium, you get a lot more torque, and there is the promise of a much greener machine. However, I'm gonna have to spend a lot more miles in the seat, maybe plug in a couple more times, before I can know if Land Rover can actually deliver on That eco promise. [MUSIC] So there you have it. Five things you need to know about the 2019 Land Rover Range Rover P400e. Now we have some pretty strong opinions about this ride, so be sure to check out our full review over on theroadshow.com, where you can learn all about it. [MUSIC]

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