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Acer announces new Concept D line for creatives – CNET


Acer announced two new monitors, which visually look like the Predators; they do have those matching faux-wood bases, though. The CM7321K is a 32-inch, 4K DisplayHDR 1000 display using mini-LED technology to provide over 1,100 local-dimming zones, covering 90% of Rec 2020 (but notably, with no claims about accuracy). 

The second monitor, the CP7271K, is 27-inch 4K with a 144Hz refresh rate and G-sync Ultimate -- what used to be called G-Sync HDR -- with that standard's fast refresh rates and 1,000-nit peak brightness. This one does claim color accuracy and 100% Adobe RGB coverage. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Sarah Tew/CNET

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