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Acer Concept D line for creatives turns up the power video – CNET

Well, Asir pulled a whole new product line out of its hat today, targeted at all the creatives currently using gaming gear cuz of their need for raw power. It was a pretty extensive roll out compared to a lot of the competitors jumping in the juicy new space. With two desktops, three notebooks, a couple of monitors, and a headset Are slated for this summer. The most novel of the notebooks is the concept denied which incorporates the articulating display architecture basis predator tried 900, but it's equipped with the 4k Adobe RGB color accurate 17 inch touchscreen display that also incorporates welcomes EMR technology and abundant stylist. It was all just kind of a portable Microsoft Surface Studio experience, albeit ironically with far better [LAUGH] components, like an I-9 processor and NVIDIA G-Force RTX 2080 graphics. They're white, which seems to be in vogue for creative hardware these days. Unfortunately, while the build is durable according to the executives I spoke to, the treatment to color it white actually makes it feel plastic-y. Hopefully that will be worked out by the time the laptops ship. But your desktop workstations have completely different designs to match their uses. The Concept D 900 has more industrial looking industrial design It's pretty high end workstation with up to 2 ziango processors and quadro 6000 graphics get ready to fork over at least 20 grand for it. The concept the 500 goes more organic for its design the with this full wood top and white rounded front it looks a bit like a kitchen appliance. It does have Qi wireless charging on top, though. And you can equip it with up to an i9 9900k and a Quadro RTX 4000. In all the systems Acer made quiet operation a priority, which is nice. But it's a bit disappointing that none of them support 2.5 gigabit per second or higher ethernet or Wi-Fi 6. For monitors, Acer has given us a split offering. A 32 inch 4K that sports display 1000 HDR and uses mini LED technology for over 1100 local diming zones and it covers 30% of Rec. 2020. The other is a 27 inch 4K with a 144 Hertz refresh rate and G sync ultimate That's what used to be called GSYNC HDR. Both are color accurate for Adobe RGB. [MUSIC]

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