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Acer's new Helios 700 keyboard hides a big secret video – CNET

At its annual global press conference, Acer showed off new chrome books and entirely new line of computers for creators called concept D. But some of the most interesting announcements were for the predator Helios gaming line. The new Helios 700 looks and feels a lot like previous Helios laptops, at least at first But with a quick hand movement, it transforms. Shoving it's keyboard forward and sending the touchpad over the front lip where it sits at an angle. Why would you want to do this? Well, Acer calls it a hyper-drift keyboard, and says it exposes two large cooling fans that sit above the keyboard, allowing for much better cooling. That means you can get up to an Intel Core i9 CPU and an NVIDIA RTX 2080 inside, and it makes overclocking much more stable. The keyboard shuffle also exposes a glass panel through which you can see some of the heat pipes inside the system. It looks cool. You want one? Well, it's gonna cost 2, 699, so start saving now. But wait, there's more, the all important WASD keys on there are what they call magforce keys, which have an almost analog like response. Press lightly and you'll walk slowly. Press down all the way and you'll run. Now, the smaller Helios 300 laptop, that jumps to 9th gen Core I7 CPUs and NVIDIA RTX or GTX graphics and gets a subtle redesign, so it's slimmer. Shrinks down the screen bezels and it is a much more modest 1199. If you wanna spend a little bit less, the Nitro line is a more budget minding gaming laptop series and that got some updates as well. The 999 15" Nitro 7, it gets a new metal body, shrinking down to just under 20 millimeters. You also get a 144 hertz screen, new 9th gen intel processor and two storage drive slot. The Nitro 5 that comes in 15 inch and 17 inch versions, you'll lose the 144 hertz display but you do get a lot of the same CPU and GPU options and that's 799 And up. The CG 43 7 KP monitor, that's a massive 43-inch monster that does adaptive think, 4K, and HDR. [MUSIC]

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