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Apex Legends update 1.1.1 failed in fixing hitbox issue of Caustic, Gibraltar

Respawn Entertainment attempted to fix the hitbox issue of Caustic and Gibraltar in the Apex Legends version 1.1.1 update, but the buffs to the two characters are not working as intended.

One of the few problems with Apex Legends is the uneven hitboxes, as it is much easier to land shots on larger characters such as Caustic and Gibraltar compared to smaller characters such as Wraith. This has made some players shy away from the bigger characters, as the disadvantage may spell the difference between an early exit and winning a match.

Respawn Entertainment tried to make Caustic and Gibraltar more playable with update 1.1.1, which added Fortified as a passive ability to the two legends. To make up for their bigger hitboxes, the ability reduces the damage taken by the two characters by 10%.

Unfortunately, Fortified is not working properly, according to a thread created on the official sub-Reddit of Apex Legends. In the opening post, a Redditor who goes by the name Yakousou claimed that while shields are fully charged, Caustic and Gibraltar take both shield and health damage. It appears that the supposedly negated 10% damage is going straight to HP, rendering the Fortified ability useless.

Other players have chimed in on the Reddit thread, confirming that they are receiving HP damage even while shields are activated as Caustic and Gibraltar. Shield damage is working properly on other characters, so the issue is likely related to the Fortified passive ability.

Fortunately, Respawn Entertainment is aware of the issue and has started internally testing a fix. There is currently no ETA on when Fortified will start working properly, so players who were excited to play as Caustic and Gibraltar with the damage reduction passive ability will have to wait a bit longer until they enjoy the benefits.

Another recent issue with an Apex Legends update was with version 1.1, as the patch caused some player accounts to reset to level 1. Respawn Entertainment eventually fixed the issue with the update, which also added the option to team up with the members of a players’ last squad, a mute button during the match intro and Legend selection screen, and more anti-cheat measures.

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