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Best cannabis cooking gadgets of 2019

Making your own edible cannabis products in the kitchen can sound like a daunting project if you’ve never tried it before. Yes, cannabutter and related products can take a little time to master —but there are more recipes available than ever before, and a host of kitchen gadgets that can help everyone from total novices to experienced growers. Here are some of the most helpful gadgets we’ve found for your kitchen cannabis adventures.

Magical Butter MB2E Botanical Extractor

If you’re a beginner and not really sure where to start, this Magical Butter extractor is a godsend. It takes care of the tricky business with managing temperatures and stirring for you. Just pick your cycle, add the ingredients, and start it up: The smart pitcher will take care of the rest, producing 2 – 5 cups depending on your specific recipe. And speaking of recipes, it also comes with a great beginners cookbook for making butters, drinks, candies, sauces, and much more.

When finished, you can choose cleaning cycles at the end of production to help prepare the extractor for your next session. Plus, the contained nature of the device will help keep the smell controlled while you are cooking. Basically, it’s like a little Instant Pot for your edibles, and one of the best gifts for edible fans who are still learning the ropes.

Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser

Best cannabis cooking gadgets of 2019

The Magical Butter device is great for producing all kinds of edible ingredients, but you may prefer something a little more small-scale (and slightly more affordable), especially if you’re just starting out. Enter the Mighty Fast infuser, an extra simple device that’s an excellent choice if you want to keep your pots and pans clean. Just pop in your bud and other ingredients for making oil or butter, and choose your infusion cycle, anywhere from 45 minutes to several hours. Then you’re done!

Note that this infuser also comes with package options if you want to get it with liquid or powdered lecithin (an important stabilizing agent), as well as other options worth taking a look at.

Ardent Nova Decarboxylator

Best cannabis cooking gadgets of 2019

An infuser just infuses cannabis bud particles into a suspension that, when combined with heat, will activate them (while fatty ingredients like oil are used to aid in preservation and digestion). A decarbing device focuses primarily on the activation process itself to create a much more efficient result, a little like a small toaster oven for your cannabis. It works with bud, kief, and concentrates, and will transform them into fully activated ingredients that are ready for any cooking project you want. It helps you quickly get the most out of your cannabis for all eating/topical purposes, and it’s a huge boon for those who are serious about their edibles.

Mendo Mulcher Aluminum Grinder

Best cannabis cooking gadgets of 2019

For those who do not already have a dedicated bud grinder, this is the perfect choice. It’s made out of strong aluminum, has great grips for your hands, and is super-simple to use, plus no trouble to clean at all. Sure, you could get a fancy electric grinder if you want, but this model will do just as well for most purposes, and last forever.

EJWOX Fruit and Tincture Press

Best cannabis cooking gadgets of 2019

For larger infusion projects, after you sieve away the bud particles from your mixture, you’re still left with…well, a lot of bud particles. And there’s still a lot of cannabutter or oil mixed in with those particles. To get your full value out of the project, a press like this will help immensely with your final extraction. It’s a great addition to more sizable edible production.

Ozeri Pronto Digital Kitchen Scale

Best cannabis cooking gadgets of 2019

If you don’t already have a highly accurate digital kitchen scale to measure your bud, this model will take care of it for you. It’s ideal for measuring pre-production flower and final results (which is useful if you are planning on packaging or selling). The scale will automatically deduct the weight of any container used, and convert between ounces and grams as needed.

Tcheck 2 Flower and Concentrate Tester

Best cannabis cooking gadgets of 2019

If you are getting your cannabis from a qualified dispensary with good labeling practices, along with plenty of experience making edibles, you probably don’t need to measure the strength of your cannabis. But if you are growing your own or are uncertain about the strength of your infusions, this tester can be a powerful aid. It can measure butters, oils and alcohols, testing them in under a minute and giving you valuable potency results. Everything is controlled via a handy app, and you can make notes for each result you get (such as going easy on a particularly powerful mixture), which are kept in a long for your use. Note that an extra kit is required if you also want to measure the strength of buds or concentrate products.

Cannador 4-Strain Humidor

Best cannabis cooking gadgets of 2019

For the edible creator who has everything, this top-shelf humidor will help keep cannabis ready and waiting for use in the classiest way possible. The glass jars will hold an ounce of bud or up to two ounces ground, with options for adjustable ventilation or airtight seals – and a beautiful wooden container that will help contain any odors. An extra nook is included for tools, and you can also choose to add a Bluetooth hygrometer for even more careful measurements.

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