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Buy a $50 Xbox gift card and get three months of Xbox Live Gold for free – Windows Central

On Newegg, if you buy this $50 Xbox gift card[1] you'll also get three months of Xbox Live Gold included free in the form of a digital code. The 3-month code costs $25 at Newegg and other retailers like Amazon[2], so you're saving that cost with this deal.

The gift card will also come in the form of a digital code that is emailed to you after purchase. Both codes can be given away to friends or family or used for yourself. Since you're getting three months of online play, you can use the $50 to buy a game or two you can play online like Rocket League or Call of Duty. Or go for a big new single-player title like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The $50 isn't quite enough to cover the full cost of a really new game like that, but you'll only have to pay a few bucks for it.

Xbox Live Gold unlocks access to online multiplayer on a wide variety of games and offers members discounts on games at the Microsoft store along with free titles to download and keep each month for the duration of your membership. This April, gamers will be able to download the games Outcast and Star Wars: Battlefront II[3], among others.

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