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Checking the tech in the 2019 Mazda3 sedan video – Roadshow

[MUSIC] Welcome to the 2019 Mazda 3 for a run down of all the technology features packed inside of this new compact sedan. Taking care of infotainment functions in all 2019 Mazda 3's is an 8.8 inch system that's positioned further back on the dash but still low enough to not obstruct the view out the windshield. With Placement, the screen is no longer touched input capable, meaning control is now mainly rely on a center console dial and shortcut buttons. Unfortunately that makes somethings like entering destinations into the navigation system take a little bit longer which is a pain. The latest innovation of the Mazda connect software brings new graphics and a simplified menu structure to the table to control the aforementioned navigation system. A nice sounding 12 speaker BOSE audio setup and bluetooth. And it's also finally Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capable. Mazda is definitely late to the party with those two, but better later than never. Power points to juice up phones and tablets are on the light side in this Mazda3. There's one USB port located on the center stack. And then in the center console, there's another USB along with a 12-volt outlet and that's about it. There's nothing on the back of the center console for the folks in back, and that's a bummer. For safety, this Mazda 3 packs a now familiar list of tech including adaptive cruise control with stop and go, forward collision warning with automatic emergency breaking, blind spot monitoring, a high resolution backup camera, and rear cross traffic alert. This particular car is also equipped with an optional premium package that adds a head up display and adaptive headlights to it's bag of safety goodies. And that was a run through of the tech features found inside of this 2019 Mazda 3. For a full in depth review of this new compact sedan make sure to visit the road show dot com. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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