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Game of Thrones season 2 episode 3 trailer: 'The Night King is coming' – CNET

Winter's been coming for an awfully long time, but now the Game of Thrones crew has a new catchphrase: The Night King is coming.

A preview for the third episode of the final season showed all our favorites prepping for battle against forces that seem unstoppable. Fires burn and catapults are prepped, Grey Worm grimly dons his helmet. Sansa notes that it's time to "look the truth in the face." Jon Snow looks horrified, Theon draws a bow and Brienne of Tarth rallies the troops.

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"The dead are already here," Daenerys declares. Yikes. 

The third episode of Game of Thrones' final season airs Sunday, April 28 on HBO.

Originally published 7:18 p.m. PT. 

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