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Gloe – 16″ Colour Change Dog – Pink

The 16ins Gloe Dog is a great idea for someone who wants a little more from a cuddely animal. Light up your life a little with this ultra cuddly, snuggly doggy which makes an excellent companion day or night. The Gloe dog is a great idea for children that need a light to allow them to get to sleep because of the scary monsters that might lurk in the dark. A standard night light uses a lot of electricity and just doesn't really cut it, which is where the GloE pooch comes in. The Gloe dog can be switched on easily by pressing its paw. When it is turned on, it glows seven different colours allowing the child to fall asleep. After around twenty minutes the bear turns itself off. If the child wakes up they can easily make the dog glow again by pressing the paw. For those of us who aren't children.The dog also makes an attractive display animal or reading light. The Gloe dog comes with its own 'try me' batteries, but please be aware that these might not last too long! Read More ...
  • Glows seven different colours
  • Makes an attractive display animal
  • Measures 16 inches
DIMENSIONS: 33.5 x 22.6 x 15 cm
Gloe - 16" Colour Change Dog - Pink

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