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Google Home Hub smart display will reportedly be renamed the Google Nest Hub

Sources reportedly familiar with Google’s plans confirmed that the Google Home Hub smart display would be rebranded as the Google Nest Hub, according to 9to5Google.

Citing accidental leaks on the Google Store website about the upcoming Pixel 3a smartphone and the Nest Home Max, a new smart display with a 10-inch screen, 9to5Google suggests a May 7 launch date. On that day we’ll be watching for Pixel’s new smartphone lineup including the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL with accessories for both phones, the launch date for the smartphone lineup, and accessories.

We’ll also be on the lookout not only for a Nest Home Hub 10-inch smart display equipped with a Nest security camera but also for potential rebranding for the current Google Home Hub. Speculation continues that the Nest Home Hub will use the current device’s 7-inch display and will not have a camera — the only change will be in the name. Dropping “Google” from the Google Home Hub product name and adding “Nest” could underscore the smart screen’s potential for managing smart home products such as Nest video doorbells, security cameras, and smart thermostats.

When we tested the Google Home Hub, Digital Trends’ reviewer referred to the digital display assistant as “small, simple, and smart.” The Home Hub is exceedingly simple to install, and it’s easy to find space on crowded desks or kitchen countertops for the compact device.

You can use the Google Home Hub as a handy information source, tapping into the Google search engine’s large knowledge banks. The Home Hub also acts as a digital personal assistant, readily announcing and displaying reminders and timers, quickly updating your calendar and schedule, and accessing your contact lists for phone calls and messaging. There’s no camera in the Google Home Hub so you’re limited to one-way only video calls (you can see Duo callers, for example, but they can’t see you.) The upside of the camera-less device is greater privacy for people who are concerned about uninvited video monitoring.

The Google Home Hub’s 7-inch display is small for long-time viewing, but you can stream YouTube videos and other entertainment and educational videos to the device. The Google Home Hub can also double as a digital photo frame.

The Google Home Hub’s ability to monitor and control compatible smart home systems may not be the primary reason many buy the intelligent display. However, the fast-growing number and variety of smart home sensors, entertainment, convenience, and security devices that work with Google Home smart speakers often add visual status reports and other information on the Home Hub. Rebranding as the Nest Home Hub, if the reports are accurate, not only aligns the smart display with the expected Nest Home Hub Max but also underscores the Hub’s varied role in smart home control.

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