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Google location data tapped by law enforcement, Stratolaunch takes off video – CNET

This is CNET and here are the stories that matter right now. New reports have revealed Google's location data is being used by law enforcement to assist in criminal cases. According to a new report in the New York Times on Saturday, US police have been using geo offense warrants to get location data from Google sensor vault. A database designed to help the company better target ads. In response, Google says it vigorously protects users' privacy, and it has narrowed the scope of data it discloses under its legal obligations. [MUSIC] The world's largest airplane has flown for the first time, taking off from the Mohave Air and Space Port in California on Saturday. The Stata launch plane, which has a reinforced wing span of 385 feet. Cruised for two and a half hours, reaching speeds of 189 miles per hour. The Strata launch is designed to left other vehicles such as rockets into flight and can hold up to 500 000 pounds. [MUSIC] And finally, Facebook has once again been hit with a widespread outage, with Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp all experiencing worldwide disruptions on Sunday morning. It's the third major outage in six months for Facebook, which also experienced its longest ever disruption last month. Sunday's outage lasted several hours, though the company says it has resolved the issue. [MUSIC] Start your day with the latest by visiting CNET.com. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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