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Great Deal: Latest iPad Pros with Big Discounts – My Favorite “Computer” for Travel! – Running with Miles – Running with Miles

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When Apple and Amazon started their partnership to have Amazon sell Apple devices directly, it has become clear that the real winner from this deal is the consumer! Amazon has had more deals on iPads in the last 4 months than Apple ever has! Today, you can snag the best iPad Pros yet at the best price yet (tied with the previous low price). Owning one of these myself, I can tell you that they are amazing devices![1]

Great Deal: Latest iPad Pros with Big Discounts – My Favorite “Computer” for Travel

IPad Pro 11”

This is the model I have and I think it is the perfect size for some one that will be taking it[2] around with them all the time. If you can deal with cloud-based storage, the 64GB should be sufficient but if you plan on using it for photo editing (with Adobe Lightroom or the full Photoshop coming later this year), you may want to go up to 256GB of storage since you cannot expand the onboard storage. Both Silver and Space Gray are on sale.

IPad Pro 12.9”

Here are the best deals on the 12.9” version. This has the same display size as the older 12.9” iPad Pro models but they shrunk the bezels to make it quite a bit smaller and lighter.

I actually type most of my blog posts on my 11” iPad Pro so I can tell you I am quite familiar with it. While there are some quirks, it is amazing how portable and multi-functional it is for me.

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