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Grow it, cook it, smoke it: marijuana tech gadgets for your home and kitchen

Some people take their weed very seriously. LendEDU recently conducted a poll of 1,000 legal marijuana users, asking them about their spending habits. The poll found that cannabis consumers spend an average of more than $110 per month on marijuana, and they buy more than six pot-related products each month. Almost three out of 10 legal users (27.6 percent) spend more money on marijuana than they do on eating out at restaurants.

What are they buying? Well, in addition to purchasing the latest and greatest strains of cannabis, there’s also a thriving tech and cooking market for enthusiasts. From kitchen gadgets to help with creating edibles to the latest storage and growing technology, it’s a thriving market–and these are some of our favorite discoveries.

Marijuana cookware

When you make marijuana edibles at home, safety is a major concern–especially considering the rise in children-related scares when it comes to accidental ingestion.

This cookware can help distinguish your marijuana edibles from your traditional baked goods. With obvious patterns like these, it’s a lot get your cookies and other products mistaken for normal goodies. Of course, it’s still important to keep an eye on them, but these molds and cutters really do help out!

Ardent Nova Decarboxylator

Grow it, cook it, smoke it: marijuana tech gadgets for your home and kitchen

This small device may look like a travel coffee mug, but inside of the small machine, there are precision sensors embedded within a thermal blanket, electronics, and software. Within 90 to 120 minutes, you can decarb your marijuana without an oven, or any other large appliances.

What is the point of decarboxylation? Well, decarbing converts cannabis from its raw form into its active bioavailable form. For those who need to administer their marijuana topically, orally, or sublingually, decarbing is crucial. It also promotes safer, cleaner marijuana edibles.

Davinci IQ Vaporizer

Grow it, cook it, smoke it: marijuana tech gadgets for your home and kitchen

There’s a whole market filled with different types of vaporizers for different people and their cannabis consumption preferences. But when it comes to high-tech, impressive models, the Davince IQ Vaporizer is an easy recommendation. This sleek, compact vaporizer comes with a tool kit for cleaning, a USB cable for charging, and a cool on-surface LED indicator for showing you the current status. You can control hits by choosing temperatures between 250 and 430 degrees Fahrenheit, and use the accompanying app to make adjustments or see your use history. There are also several different modes designed to provide different vape experiences. Trust us, you have seen a vape smarter than this.

The Peak Smart Rig

Grow it, cook it, smoke it: marijuana tech gadgets for your home and kitchen

The Peak is a high-tech device somewhere between a tabletop vaporizer and a bong, filled with smart technology and beautiful to look at. It’s specifically designed to work with concentrates, and comes with four different heat settings to control the type of clouds you want and how you want to consume (including a “sesh” mode that does indeed enable social dabbing, for the more adventurous). With a 20-second heat up and intelligent temperature calibration based on the heat of the bowl, the Peak is fast to use and easy to trust. There’s even an LED light band and haptic feedback to provide information on the hit you are taking.

Leaf Grow System

Grow it, cook it, smoke it: marijuana tech gadgets for your home and kitchen

Leaf is a refrigerator-shaped smart grow box for your cannabis, the perfect elite device for small-time growers who want the best results. And while the price is also in the refrigerator-range, this unit sure does impress: It uses climate control, humidity control, automated nutrient dosing, and a Bios LED light to create a perfectly contained growing system. It even includes a carbon filter to remove any orders via air circulation. When you are ready to collect, you can also switch to a drying mode to prepare the plants. Control and monitoring is all done via app.

The big downside here is that Leaf is only available for preorder, set for release in late 2019, so there’s some uncertainty about what the final product will look like, but the current details are certainly impressive.

Preorder for $300, Pay $2690 at shipping

Mighty Fast Infuser

Grow it, cook it, smoke it: marijuana tech gadgets for your home and kitchen

You can infuse cannabis (or whatever herb you like) into your oil, butter, syrup, honey, and more with an herbal infuser. Simply add your ingredients in, and the infuser takes care of the rest: This model offers several different cycles of varying lengths depending on what you are making and the concentration. The lowest cycle only takes around an hour to prep and create! We also like that you can choose various bundles with added ingredients and similar extra products.

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