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How will Game of Thrones end? These fan theories might have the answer

After an almost two-year wait, we will finally get to see how Game of Thrones ends as its eighth and final season commences. Now that we’re a couple of episodes through, the endgame (no, not that Endgame) predictions have been flooding in. Viewers have analyzed every moment and dug for potential foreshadowing of any meaningful signs of what’s to come.

Theories about the show run the gamut, from the Cleganebowl to Bran having been responsible for King Aerys’ madness But when it comes to how the story will officially wrap up, there are tons more theories that take things into deep speculative territory. Here are some of the most interesting ones. (Note: Major spoilers from the first seven seasons, and first two episodes of season 8, ahead.)

Daenerys will become the real villain and Jon Snow will kill her

George R. R. Martin’s original series of novels on which the series is based is called A Song of Ice and Fire. Some believe that Jon Snow is the “ice” and Daenerys the “fire,” though, now that Jon has revealed his true identity it may be that he is both the ice and the fire as he has both Stark and Targaryen blood. Either way, the one thing Daenerys has been living for her entire life – the Iron Throne – could slip through her fingers. And not at the hands of a usurper, but by her own nephew who has a stronger claim to it than her. Could Daenerys go stark-raving mad (pardon the pun) like her dad, leaving Jon no choice but to kill her?

Wights emerge from the crypt

How will Game of Thrones end? These fan theories might have the answer

On several occasions in the second episode of season 8, someone mentions that the crypts will be the safest place during the battle. Gilly, baby Sam, possibly Samwell, Tyrion, and that little Shireen-like girl who gave Ser Davos all the feels, will be there. While a strategic plan is in place to fight the Night King from the outside, what if he manages to turn the dead Starks in the crypt into wights who attack from within? Imagine Jon Snow coming face to face with a blue-eyed Lyanna (his mother) or brother Rickon, forcing him to kill them (and feel responsible for their deaths twice)? It’s almost too difficult a thought to bear, but quite plausible in Game of Thrones.

The Iron Bank will support the opposition

How will Game of Thrones end? These fan theories might have the answer

“A Lannister always pays his debts.” Cersei has officially settled the family’s debts with the Iron Bank (thanks to stolen goods from the castle of Highgarden following the takedown of the Tyrells). The Bank has presumably agreed to provide another loan and fight on her side. Or will they? They could very well switch sides and support the opposition, taking down Cersei in the process. Tywin would be rolling over in his grave at the terrible mistake she made.

Arya will kill Cersei wearing Jaime’s face (or Jaime will really kill her)

How will Game of Thrones end? These fan theories might have the answer

Some theorize that Jaime Lannister will kill Cersei as a final demonstration of his shifted allegiance. Then, the figure will slowly rip off his face to reveal that it’s actually Arya. This one isn’t likely without some imagination given that Jaime is pretty tall while Arya is very short. But it would be sweet revenge for the Stark girl who’s had Cersei at the top of her kill list from the start.

The Red Woman brings back Viserion

How will Game of Thrones end? These fan theories might have the answer

Once the Night King was able to kill Daenerys’ dragon Viserion and re-awaken it as one of his wights, he got some serious firepower. One theory points to the Red Woman as being a key to turning it back. We’ve already seen her powers of resurrection with a human, so who’s to say she couldn’t resurrect a dragon? Of course, there are some logistical problems: How would she even get close enough to perform the ritual? But what an amazing sight it would be to see her literally wake (or turn?) the dragon, prompting it to burn the White Walkers to a crisp.

Gendry is actually Cersei’s child

How will Game of Thrones end? These fan theories might have the answer

Gendry is the last surviving bastard child of Robert Baratheon. Or is he? Gendry could be Cersei’s only child with Robert. Cersei once told Catelyn about her baby with dark hair who died (or was sent off while Robert was away hunting?). Gendry, meanwhile, only remembers that his mother had yellow hair, and even though he grew up a peasant, managed to secure a pretty great job in King’s Landing. Perhaps thanks to clever and secretive arrangements made by Varys on Cersei’s behalf? Gendry as King, Arya by his side as Queen? Now there’s an ending!

Daenerys is pregnant with Jon’s baby

How will Game of Thrones end? These fan theories might have the answer

In this theory, Daenerys isn’t infertile and is actually pregnant with Jon’s baby following their night of passion. They rule together, or break Westeros up into individual kingdoms, each with its own ruler. In sadly cyclical fashion, maybe Daenerys dies during childbirth just as Jon’s mother did, and he’s left to make this tough decision on his own, baby in tow, just like his father/uncle Ned.

Bran turns back time

How will Game of Thrones end? These fan theories might have the answerHelen Sloan/HBO

In addition to being able to revisit the past as the Three-Eyed Raven, in the latest episode, we discover that Bran is literally the keeper of all of the memories of the realm for all mankind. If Bran is gone, so is humankind as we know it. Thus, for Winterfell to win against the Night King in the epic battle that is expected to take place during the upcoming third episode of season 8, Bran must survive. Many will inevitably die before the series ends, but the deaths won’t be final. Bran will alter history, as he did when he caused the boyhood seizure that changed the course of Hodor’s life forever. He could turn back time long enough for those in the North to defeat the Night King, or far back enough to save the lives of one (or more individuals). One theory suggests that he could go as far back as when Ned decided to travel to King’s Landing to be Hand of the King for Robert Baratheon and stop him from doing so.

Tyrion is actually a Targaryen

How will Game of Thrones end? These fan theories might have the answerMacall B. Polay/HBO

The theory goes that Tyrion was actually conceived when the Mad King, who apparently lusted after his mother, raped her. Tywin has known all along but covered it up. How else, after all, could Tyrion have removed the chains from the caged dragons without them seeing him as anything more than a light snack? (You can sweet-talk your way out of trouble with people, but dragons aren’t so reasonable.) Tyrion finds out about his true origin (likely from Bran) but declares his desire to remain Hand to whoever is named king anyway.

The Night King sits on the Iron Throne, and it freezes over

How will Game of Thrones end? These fan theories might have the answer

In this apocalyptic theoretical ending, the Night King defeats the humans, sits on the Iron Throne, and it freezes over instantly. The White Walkers win, and it’s the end of humankind as we know it. Those who believe this theory suggest it’s a commentary on climate change, taking GoT into a political territory it might not want to enter, though it would certainly spark some interesting conversations.

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