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Huge video game collection earns Texas man Guinness World Record

If you think your video game collection is impressive, then check out what Antonio Monteiro has amassed over the years.

The Texas resident has just earned a Guinness World Record as the owner of the largest collection of video games, with 20,139 of them to his name. The library of games is so large that it took him eight days to count them before he could receive the official record.

The collection, which fills several rooms of his home near Houston, covers a multitude of different gaming systems, many of which are no longer made.

To celebrate his record, Monteiro recently shot a video (above) for Guinness World Records in which he shows off his grand — and still growing — collection of video games.

It includes more than 1,000 PlayStation 1 games, complete PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 collections for North America, more than 900 PlayStation 4 games, every PS Vita game released to-date in North America, a complete PSP collection for North America, a complete Xbox collection for North America, and a complete Xbox 360 collection for North America.

Wait, there’s more … much more. Monteiro also has more than 500 Xbox One games, a complete collection of Wii U games for North America, a complete Game Cube collection for North America, a complete Wii collection for North America, 118 Nintendo Switch games, Turbografx games, Super Famicom games (equivalent of the Super Nintendo for the Japanese/European market), and a complete Sega Dreamcast collection for North America.

No, that’s still not everything, but best you watch the video if you want to see all of the games that Monteiro has gathered over the years.

He also reveals the first game he ever owned, and shares a number of “oddities” that include the very rare Max Basic Rifle Marksmanship Program, a shooting-practice game released by Nintendo exclusively for the U.S. military and which never went on general sale.

As for a favorite, the collector names Konami’s Super Castlevania IV from 1991 as his top game, which he describes as “a masterpiece.”

And in case you’re wondering — yes, Monteiro also has more than 100 consoles, so he can grab any one of those 20,000-plus games anytime he likes and go play it.

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